Traditional Grains Producers Association.

Leading the 

Research, Production, Processing, Marketing and Consumption

of Traditional Grains



Grains Producers

Association (TGPA)

The Traditional Grains Producers Association (TGPA) was formed in 2011 with a mandate to promote Research, Production, Processing, Marketing and Consumption of Traditional Grains. The Association is a Non-Profit Organization designed to promote/ develop efficient use of traditional grains for Industrial use and Food Security/ Nutrition.


TGPA is an inclusive, membership driven organisation that supports Research, Production, Processing, Marketing and Consumption of Traditional Grains. TPGA conducts its business in an ethical and honest manner, respects the cultural and economic needs of our partners, actively pursues and supports alliances with likeminded organizations.


Value Chain Farming

Research, Production, Processing, Marketing & Consumption. We assist farmers in from the beginning to the end ultimately buying back all their produce creating Forex.



TGPA assists farmers in exporting their Traditional Grains reducing export and import costs. Creation of Forex is pivotal to Zimbabwean Agriculture.

Research &


 This includes activities that TGPA undertakes to innovate and introduce new products and services that assist farmers of Traditional Grains throughout Zimbabwe.

Training, Production & Marketing

TGPA actively trains farmers to get the best out of their crops. Effective farming practices increase yields and generate Exports for Zimbabwe.


This Is What We Stand For

BSE Nyabadza - Chairman

“As TGPA we are saying Rural/Communal Farmers must have access to Certified Seed for Traditional Grains. This will trigger the following:

  1. Urban to Rural Migration

  2. Value Creation in the Village

  3. Exports from the Village

  4. Nostro Account opening by villagers"

Mai A Mnangagwa - First Lady

“A healthy village is good for development. Food security and nutrition among communities enhances dignity and self-sustenance. We need to identify partners who will bring value in enhancing revenue to respective production centres anchored within our districts”

Dr Moses Siambi - ICRISAT

Sorghum varieties developed here have been released in many SADC countries and in East Africa. Our research work on understanding the management of small ruminants and development of effective market linkages is being scaled up in many countries.


TGPA is a National Project set to revolutionise the

Country’s Agricultural Sector and positively impact the nation in the following ways

  • Empowerment of the small scale holder farmer

  • Guarantee food security and improve health and nutrition in each Province

  • Earn the farmer and country foreign currency.

  • Creation of a National Small Grains Seed Bank – for enhanced and sustained future productivity

  • Graduate communities from recipients of hand-outs to self-sustenance – self dignity and improved standard of living

  • Creation of local jobs through value addition within the country’s 62 rural districts, complementing Government’s thrust on devolution.

  • Catalyst for economic growth – GDP – Improved Productivity

  • Provision  of  raw materials to the local industry – Import substitution

  • Increased export earnings

  • Program under pinned by market led production –guaranteed reward for effort

  • Push the country towards the Government’s objective of attaining middle income status by 2030

  • Promote the Devolution Concept by value retention at District level. 

  • TGPA is set to purchase all crop and residues for stock feed ensuring the farmer derives maximum benefits from their Agriculture activities

  • Make the smallholder farmer investment ready and bankable

  • Socially impact the nation through food security and nutrition, employment creation, training, access to health care, improved opportunities for women and youth and poverty eradication.